The book is within the seed

I was walking next to the river yesterday and 8 river birds were diving into the calm glassy surface that looked like a mirror. They all stayed underwater together long enough so all trace of them disappeared and the surface water became again smooth and undisturbed. After a time they resurfaced for air, one by one in an unpredictable pattern and each flicked their heads to rid themselves of the last droplets off their plumes. They looked like perfect little creations popping up out of the ether fully formed and ready for more action. I watched them for a while.

We all have those ideas that keep nudging us, that won’t leave us alone. We don’t always act because they don’t come up for air fully formed. We just get a seed of an idea. The end product is often murky and seems out of reach.

At the end of a seminar I was listening to yesterday, Rev. Deb was asked a question by someone wanting to get clear on the message of the book they were writing. These are my notes for how she responded that I thought provided great insight on the process:

Get some clear questioning energy about the book

(your hesitancy) is the ego getting in the way.

This is so not about you.

There is something else to it besides your personal satisfaction.

Ego gets attached to identity and we are going to be changed by them (the book, the ideas)

So ego can sabotage it.

Once you are able to see this, that it’s not resistance, it’s sabotage.

Don’t judge or condemn it (the ego), just chat and explain to it that it can come along for the ride, but it needs to calm down a bit and trust you.

Treat the book or project like it has its own entity, ask it  “Reveal yourself to me”

Cultivate a relationship with the energy around it. Make a connection. Don’t worry about the end product.

Ask it “Who are you?’

“How can I serve you? Talk to me.”

Ask to be communicated with in your dreams.

Every idea comes with its own seeds.

Our job is not to push the seeds to grow.



Live your best self.

What idea/book/project/direction (you pick) has been nudging you?

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