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On a quick summer weekend trip to New York, the throng of an August Saturday had me wondering how I was going to survive an August Sunday. The traffic, the noise and an obligation to visit the sites with a first time visitor was almost too much. On the list of possibilities for the weekend (don’t you love possibility lists?) was an expedition to find an entrance to the Highline Park.

The High Line is an elevated freight rail line transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side. Download a guide here

By the Sunday morning I was in need of some urban revitalization. A possibility became a necessity. Luckily my first time visitor was on board and enthusiastic about the excursion to escape.

Walking iphone map to highline NY

We walked from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to 30th Street and 10th Avenue which took about 15 minutes. We walked up the flight of stairs. The experience of the surrounding city changed instantly and were immersed in a stretch of green, garden path, with the most amazing views. It was a feast for the senses as any area in a city is, but calmer, slower and yes, elevated. We meandered at a speed unheard of in the streets below choosing our imaginary future homes complete with balconies. Glimpses of water were at the end of the cross streets to the side of us and straight ahead as we walked south, a tiny Lady Liberty in the distance thrilled my first time visitor.

My first trip to New York was thirty years ago, so it was wonderful to find something new that we could all experience with first time eyes.

One of my shots from instagram.

To find out how it looks right now you can search the hashtag #highline on instagram for pics and videos. As I was writing this, I watched a busker playing saxaphone on the highline as posted in real time on instagram. Don’t miss this oasis if you go to NY!
Screenshot from Gramfeed

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